Exciting News

I’m not sure if it’s good form to allow yourself to be scooped by another blogger.  As Chris Clarke let slip last week, for the last month or so I’ve been waiting to start a new job, working with David Jones at Fleishman Hillard Canada. 

After a short wait for Canadian Immigration to acknowledge that I’m not a terrorist and will (hopefully) do the Canadian economy some good, I finally have a start date of Wednesday, July 12. 

I’ll be servicing a number of different accounts and knowing Dave, there’ll be a lot of interesting social media initiatives that I look forward to talking about here. Speaking of which, Neville has a great new case study from Speedo up on his blog today. 

Wednesday will see the end of my little sabbatical, during which I’ve been entertaining myself (and you) by writing this blog and watching the beautiful game produce a fantastic World Cup.  It’s been a very strange few weeks, both fulfilling and frustrating all at the same time. 

I’ve loved being able to get to know the world of social media from the inside, and it’s been fantastic to have been welcomed into some great conversations by, among others, Joe Thornley, Mike Driehorst, Chris Clarke and, of course, Seth and Joseph, all of whom have taken the time to comment on the blog. 

Blogging Me Blogging You has become a big part of my life and I’ve gone from thinking about how what I read can work for career to what I can write about for you.  It’s also confirmed what my girlfriend had always suspected but had never been able to confirm – that I am an unabashed geek! 

But, in the same vein, it’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to implement, or at least talk to people about implementing, some of the things I’ve been learning about.  Now I just can’t wait until I’m behind my new desk doing some real work. 

One of the things that I wasn’t able to reveal when I started blogging was where I worked.  I have a lot to thank Strategic Objectives for:  for bringing me into Canada, for welcoming me into their family and most of all, for teaching me untold amounts about traditional PR.  I had a great time working with Judy, Deborah and the rest of the team, but we all felt that it was best for us to part company at this time. 

And as every ending means a new beginning, I’m incredibly excited about the chance to have some enjoyable conversations and making meaningful relationships – I’ll keep you updated on how things go! 

Do you represent a laptop manufacturer or retailer?  Do you want your logo here?  If you do, please email me!  


17 Responses to Exciting News

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    Congrats, Ed! I didn’t let too much “slip”, did I? 😉

    Best of luck, man. We’ll have to go for that beer sometime soon, too!

  2. Ed,
    Definitely CONGRATS on the new gig! Just from the little you’ve shown us (as in time blogging, definitely not “little” in quality), Fleishman and its clients should be glad to have you on board.
    — Mike

  3. Paull Young says:


    Well done, congratulations on the new gig.

    Look forward to reading more from you – try not to get too swamped by work 😉

  4. My wildest and most enthusiastic congratulations too.

    I am sure you will have wonderful experiences wherever you go (especially Canada as it’s awesome), and I look forward to reading about this new chapter of Ed Lee.

  5. David Jones says:

    Ed…you’re hired. Report to work on Wednesday. Wrap chain around desk leg. Attach shackle to ankle. Read Chris Clarke’s post about working to midnight. I’ll be playing golf.

    Love, your new boss,


  6. PR Works says:

    Another PR blogger snapped by a big firm…

    Ed Lee of Blogging Me, Blogging You fame is the latest in a growing list of PR bloggers snatched up by major PR firms.
    This time I got to be the guy doing the snatching! Ed’s joining my account team at Fleishman-Hillard Toronto as a Senior C…

  7. Congratulations Ed. That David Jones is certainly on the ball.

  8. David Jones says:

    Stephen…let me know when you want to move to Canada 🙂

  9. Sheila says:

    Congrats and good luck with the new job tomorrow Ed! Must say that David Jones isn’t as pretty as your ex-bosses in the UK.

  10. Ed Lee says:

    Sheila – you’ve got that right!

    Everyone else, thanks so much for the support – I’ll do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations.

  11. Good luck bud, prove to them that British PR folk are indeed the best.

  12. David Jones says:

    Sheila, I resemble that remark.

  13. Lisa Popplewell says:

    What does the social media meister suggest for wayward blog reading on a Friday afternoon? It’s beer-o-clock in our timezone, your old Don office will have a tequilla in your honour Eddie!

  14. Ed Lee says:

    Well Lisa, for general amusement and merriment, I check out WWTDD, idontlikeyouinthatway, the dilbert blog, jason mulgrew, theletterd and waiterrant (should be able to google them pretty well). Mulgrew is most definitely NSFW.

    For all things social media related, may i suggest for your reading pleasure, my boss, dave jones, and anyone of the excellend blogs linked to in my blog roll.



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