House of Deadly – Nike Hypervenom

October 22, 2013

I read this on the BBH blog and then checked out the “making of video”. It is a truly spectacular undertaking – and having lived through one of these real-life technology driven installations before, I know just how tough it can be. Having the ambition to create a nearly fully authentic football experience for consumers has to be applauded.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Dance Crazy

June 17, 2013

This is the gif I’ve been waiting for.

Art, Craft and Music

January 4, 2013

Thought this was pretty stunning:

Digital Experiences IRL

November 10, 2011

Digital marketing is about creating engaging experiences – that are not confined to the Web. Here, ASICS challenged subway-goers to see how fast a champion marathon pace really is!

via The Curious Brain. Disclosure – Tribal DDB works with Reebok, a competitor.

The Art of Marketing – March 7, 2011 [Contest]

January 25, 2011

The Art of Marketing LogoMy friends at The Art of Marketing are running another star-studded conference, this time with one of my favourite bloggers and authors, Guy Kawasaki, as the marquee name and you could be there as my guest! Simply leave a comment on this post saying which speaker you’re most excited to see, and why, and I will completely subjectively choose the funniest on Feb 11. If you are not a lucky winner, you can still get a $50 discount AND a free copy of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment, by clicking on this link. Discount for The Art of Marketing, March 2011.

Who else is speaking?

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO Eastman Kodak Company, is talking brand strategy and growth.

Dr Sheena Iyengar, Columbia University Business Professor is covering Consumer Behaviour and the Psycology of Choice. Last time I went to The Art of Marketing, I was most impressed by Sally Hogshead’s talk on persuasion and how brands grow through myths. I love Seth and Mitch, but Sally’s talk was outstanding – I’m hoping Dr Iyengar will have similar insights and entertainment.

Avinash Kaushik, web analytics guru is talking about, surprisingly enough, Brand Measurement: Metrics and Analytics

Gary Vaynerchuk, is going to tell you how to CRUSH IT.

Disclosoure – I have been given a complimentary ticket and copy of Guy’s book, Enchantment, in exchange for this post.

Tell Him He’s Dreaming

January 6, 2011

One of my all time favourite movies is The Castle, a quirky comedy from down under featuring Eric Bana in a supporting role. This is a collection of the best line being used throughout.

Some other great lines:

What do you call this?

Dale dug a hole.

That is going straight to the Pool Room.

How’s the serenity? So much serenity!

Everyone’s kicked a goal.

Future Magic – Making Art with the iPad

October 5, 2010

It never fails to amaze me when I see the sublime brought to life in a creative and fascinating way. This iPad art is beautiful and as inspiring as the fresh thinking behind it. via Sadie Weinstein.

Air New Zealand Safety Video and Introducing The Playbook

September 28, 2010

A couple of Three videos which have caught my eye and attention today.

The best in-flight safety video I’ve ever seen, from Air New Zealand and featuring the national rugby team, the All Blacks. Interesting, compelling, sharable – all those things we look for in online content, although I suspect it is *slightly* more compelling if you’re a rugby fan like David Brain, through whom I found the video.

UPDATE – Parker Mason sent me a reminder that Air New Zealand is not afraid to push the envelope with its marketing:

My smartphone handset manufacturer of choice, BlackBerry, announced its intention to join the tablet market with the Playbook. Hopefully the price won’t be too prohibitive for this blogger!

Usual BlackBerry disclosure applies: I worked on a personal campaign for BlackBerry co-CEO, Jim Balsillie in 2009.

Beautiful Images Created By Prolonged Shutter Exposure

September 20, 2010

Nothing to do with marketing but everything to do with beautiful images, created through prolonged shutter exposures. You can see in the outdoor shots that the sun has etched itself into the sky, here’s what Michael Weasely has to say about that:

“the lines in the sky put our existence, us, our planet into context with the Dance of the Universe, which coexists on an entirely different time scale [from us].”

Bristol Suspension Bridge shown via a 6 month exposure by Justin Quinnell

Bristol Suspension Bridge - Six Month Exposure

Michael Wesely recorded the redevelopment of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Michael Weasely - Museum of Modern Art

Michael Weasely - Museum of Modern Art

Michael Weasely - Museum of Modern Art

Michael Weasely - Museum of Modern Art

…and an office


…and the death of a vase of flowers

Death of some flowers

More images and an interview with Michael Weasely via The Longest Photographic Exposures in History – The Latest – itchy i.

Post Marked: The Eccentric Englishman

September 16, 2010

Saw this book on The New Yorker and then on Boing Boing. I love the mischievousness of this – he would have made a great office mate!

Bray (1879-1939) was an avid collector [snip] who, after reading the entire British Post Office Guide, impishly determined to take the rules as challenges. He tried posting an unimaginable array of things, to see whether the post office would deliver them. Apparently, at the time, the smallest item that could be posted was a bee, and the largest an elephant. Bray seems to have tried most things in between. At one point or another, he mailed a bowler hat, a rabbit skull (the address spelled out on the nasal bone, and the stamps pasted to the back), a purse, a slipper, a clothes brush, seaweed, shirt collars, a penny, a turnip (address and message carved into the durable tuber), an Irish Terrier, and a pipe, among other curios.

Perhaps most remarkably, he posted himself, becoming the first man to send a human through the mail in 1900, and then, through registered mail, in 1903. Tingey’s book includes a picture of Bray being delivered to his own doorstep—presumably the sort of package likely to please the lady of the house.

Postcard from W Reginald Bray to

Postcard from W. Reginald Bray

via The Book Bench: The Eccentric Englishman : The New Yorker and Boing Boing

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