Macklemore builds his story

January 29, 2014

At Tribal we’ve been talking a lot about our mission and vision this year. We’ve landed on a certain way that we believe brands should behave and, for me, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fit right into this mold. Not only are they bucking the trend of what it means to be a hip hop act – eschewing commercialism and homophobia – but they are continuously finding new ways to build a story, not just tell one.

This was abundantly clear last night at The Grammys and, while many brands were busy mistaking participation for relevance, they build a new chapter for the story that is the song, Same Love. Rather than simply perform the song, they lived the song. They married, as part of the performance, 33 same sex and traditional couples from all number of ethnic backgrounds. Yes it was a bit of a stunt but having listened to and followed the song for many months, I found it incredibly moving.

Say what you like about Macklemore, and people are, but he really is a modern brand.


Breaking Bad: In Memoriam

October 2, 2013

Was Breaking Bad my favourite TV show ever? No, that honour in my heart belongs to The Wire, something that’s been covered here extensively, but Breaking Bad is near the top of the list. No matter what your, or my feelings are, Breaking Bad is a hell of a TV show and I really enjoyed this “In Memoriam” clip, compiled by the guys over at Grantland who are doing an amazing job merging sport with pop culture, the written word with multimedia (video and ESPN podcasts). Spoilers. d’uh.

My list of top TV, for what its worth, looks something like this:

The Wire

Breaking Bad


Faulty Towers

The Thick Of It

No Sopranos, no Mad Men, no BSG, no GoT – although that one may well make it in there as long as it keeps up its pacing and production.

What the British mean

July 3, 2013

Its hard being in another country. All the cultural references you used to be able to use as a heuristic device when forming attachments with friends and colleagues are gone. The words may sound the same, but the language is completely different.

For those Brits looking to move abroad, or who have already found themselves abroad, or if you have to work/live/relax with a Brit, the following handy guide may save your face.

Click for big, via Buzzfeed UK.

A Love Letter to London

June 9, 2013

Whenever people ask me if I miss London, after 8 years away, I usually say that I miss the people but I don’t miss the city that much. Recently I’ve been feeling a little homesick – maybe it was the amazing Olympics my old home staged or maybe its the raft of weddings and births that I’m peeking in on through Facebook. Maybe its the raft of great Buzzfeed articles that Stephen Davies curated. Maybe its that Toronto has a mayor in disrepute and is a city on the wane.

Maybe its seeing these sorts of love letters to the city I called home for more than a quarter of a century:


The Internet Keeps on Giving

April 29, 2013

In this case, words. Here are the top 10 words or phrases that originated from the web:

  • Avatar
  • Hashtag
  • The “Scunthorpe” Problem – otherwise known as “why is this in my spam folder?”
  • Trolling
  • Memes
  • Spam
  • LOLs
  • Meh
  • Cupertinos – an early version of an “auto-correct error”
  • Geek

From The Grauniad.

Timelapse: Earth

April 2, 2013

This is stunning. Thanks Barry.

Toronto Skyline

February 10, 2013

A break from the usual programming to share this gorgeous image of Toronto’s quite striking skyline.

Now, if only we can get rid of the horrendous Gardiner/Lakeshore Boulevard to connect Toronto with its waterfront.

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