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July 12, 2011

Here are some really thought provoking tweets I’ve favourited:

From my friend and former colleague, Leo Rayman

From – as savvy a social media marketer as any other celeb. Our CEO told a great story about him walking in to Cannes and selling a program to a leading brand with some impressive research he had done himself.

From Avinash Kaushik (retweeted more than 100 times) on who should “own” social media.

Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

July 2, 2008

Haven’t done this for a while but I’m shutting down my machine after a few days of use and there are some interesting tabs open in my browser:

Jeremiah Owyang: CMS Vendors Starting to Enter Social Software Scene – if you need any proof that CMS vendors are eyeing up the social space, check out Dell’s IdeaStorm and MyStarbucks Idea. Both created by If you’re a content management system, unless you’re an open-source CMS and people are writing their own social applications, you need to find a way to optimize your product for social interaction and community. Jeremiah’s “sneak peaks” into what he’s working on as a Forrester analyst are invaluable if you can’t afford the price of the reports he authors!

TechCrunch: Hacking the Facebook Platform – this one got sent around the FH Digital mailing list over the past few days and one of my colleagues had some bold predictions on where this could take us. I’m paraphrasing without consent but my colleague believes we’re looking a Web that’s based on users, rather than content and that Facebook will be the Web’s killer app, acting as the portal for people’s Internet experience as they use the recommendations of “people like us” to navigate the myriad content. I think I’m skeptical of this – but only in the proper noun being used. It may not be Facebook (too many spammy apps, not enough critical mass) but it may well be that niche social networks start to provide this gateway experience to the niches they cover.

Buzz Canuck: 1/2 year guesdictions –  Sean’s one smart guy (sports opinions notwithstanding) and I agree with a lot of what he’s saying. Note the exodus FROM Facebook which would support the above paragraph (it’s almost as if all this stuff is related!). I also hope his prediction about less use of mobile devices within moving vehicles is on the mark – I hate seeing drivers on their phones and think it’s almost as bad as drink driving. or for all the right reasons.

Scott Adams on water parks and rides. Hilarious.

When I ask myself what sort of engineered structure would make me feel safe, I generally think of materials created for NASA, or perhaps some sort of steel beams forged in the furnaces of Mordor. But wood? To me, wood is in the same structural category as playing cards and toast. I decided we “didn’t have time” to ride the roller coaster.

Chicken with potatoes and tomatoes – hey, a man’s gotta eat, right? I made this tonight and it was amazing. I used a  Le Creuset pot, but a tray bake would work for me as well.

Crack cocaine for social media junkies

October 17, 2007

Just three little tidbits for you today, although after listening to InsidePR, I also have some thoughts brewing about compensation in the industry.

Do you remember the “Web is (using) Us” video made back in February by the American anthropologist? Well he’s back and with a new video on the (R)Evolution of Information.

Feedreaders, please click through to view the video. Certainly worth a few minutes of your time.

Have you read The Search, by John Battelle? If not, check out this site on how Google works.

If you’re a bit of a marketing geek/SEO guru in waiting, you’ll find this pretty funny. Redesigning Google, for Google.

It just goes to show that if you’re that good, you don’t have to play by the rules. Even if you made them.

Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

October 5, 2007

Blogging Me Blogging You gets a very cool new logo courtesy of the good guys at Logoworks. If you’re looking for a quality logo at a discount price, head over to this HP owned company. I was very impressed with the service I got and am very happy with the result below.


Chris Clarke leaves Thornley Fallis Communications for National as Coordinator, New Media. Can someone remind why he’s not allowed to blog about his experience? Good luck Chris!

Tod Maffin reimagines the news release. This text based release would be a great complement to some of the excellent SMNRs the iStudio has produced.

How adidas makes a football. The best marketing is to make the best product possible.

And finally, how to break out of a slump (like neglecting one’s blog) in 16 easy steps.

Crack Cocaine for Social Media Junkies

July 17, 2007

A few quick hits of Public Relations / Communications / Social Media related nonsense:

Ghost blogging is legitimate! The BBC say so! What’s more, you can earn some $700 (CDN) editing someone’s Facebook / LinkedIN / Myspace profile. Or writing someone’s blog. Eurgh, I feel dirty. Richard also saw this.

Ghost blogging may be on the way in, but leaving anonymous comments on the Interweb pumping your company’s stock price (and your own haircut) is still a big fat no-no, as Whole Foods CEO John Mackey found out.

Media training 101 – forget media training. My favourite footballer, Jamie Carragher made a shed load more fans when he phoned up a talk radio “shock jock” who accused him of being a bottler after Carragher retired from international football. He spoke from the heart and, while the offer to settle things like gentlemen may not be the best tactic for your client, he earned a lot of respect for his candor and passion.

…and finally, old client Weblo (remember this?) just raised another $3m in venture financing. Venturebeat calls it a “pyramid scheme” but I see it as a search engine play. Users create the most compelling profiles for key properties (California, Jenna Jameson etc) and then Weblo hopes it gets a high search engine ranking in Google etc. Once the traffic comes in, monetise away through contextual ads. Think Squidoo but with the ability to sell your profile or Mahalo with more user input.


December 20, 2006

Just one day into my holiday and I’ve already caught my first Calgary man-flu.  Thoughts of pro-am blogging are rapidly going out of the window although I do need to get 500 words together for Friday, when I’ll be making a small announcement.

Until then, why not enjoy some of my personal favourites from the summer when I was waiting for my FH work permit to come through and could blog my little heart out!

It’s PR, not ER – avoiding unnecessary stress in the workplace

Being the “no” man – honesty is the best policy

My Seth Godin moment – and one of my favourite comments

Racking up a blogline – my first experience of feedreaders

I am Mozilla, you are Japan – and a misadventure with Firefox, now happily behind me!

How to judge seniority in a PR meeting

July 18, 2006

As a general rule, the smaller a book someone has, the higher up the food chain they are. If they don’t even open their book or better yet, don’t carry one and just tap their fingers on their blackberry, you know they’re pretty bloody powerful.

I can’t wait until I’m in a meeting with someone who not only doesn’t have a book or blackberry but says nothing and falls asleep. That’s how you know you’re in the presence of greatness. Me? I prefer an A4 size book and scribble furiously in meetings.

La Linka – Andy Cato: Links for Tuesday July 18, 2006

Inside look of a media tour – all the TV critics are in LA to preview the fall shows and Andrew Ryan of the G&M gives us a look behind the curtain. If anyone gets media, it’s the media so the critics get the five star treatment! And Mr. T will be back on the small screen. “I ain’t getting on no plane sucka”

Are book launches boring? – This one wasn’t. I’ll be at the Toronto version of the launch of Toby Young’s new book “The sound of no hands clapping” tonight at the used-to-be-trendy-before-the-iBankers-found-it Drake hotel trying to stir up some more trouble. If you haven’t read “How to lose friends and alienate people”, you really should. Or better still, let Toby read it to you via iTunes.

Kevin Smith talks Superman – if you’ve ever had a client that’s driven you crazy, you’ll feel Kevin’s pain as he’s asked to deliver a Superman script where he doesn’t fly, there’s no costume and there’s a huge spider. At least it explains, but in no way redeems, Wild Wild West which was the worst. Film. Ever.

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