Two more monsters

Speaking on monsters crushing everything in sight, Federer only lost four games in his semifinal against Bjorkman.

The man can not be human.  He’s won forty-some games on grass in a row, has won Wimbledon three years in a row and hasn’t dropped a set this championship. 

It’s going to be a very, very good final because the Raging Bull, Rafael Nadal has won something like 80 service games in a row…

Is there a PR or Social Media lesson to be learnt here?  Practice, practice, practice and you too can be a monster in PR.  Or in the social media sphere, read read read and comment comment comment.  Build your personal network into your own personal monster.

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3 Responses to Two more monsters

  1. Paull Young says:

    But do you really want to be a ‘monster’?

    I’d much rather have an enjoyable experience and make a few good relationships…

    Maybe you’d create a monster… and then regret it as much as Dr Henry Frankenstein 😉

  2. Ed Lee says:

    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to my blog, thanks for checking me out. I can’t say I’m as big a fan of NRL as you are (Rugby Union was always my game) but I did enjoy the State of Origin series.

    I think that you took “monster” as being a negative term. It’s not. A monster is anything that’s huge, not something that’s destructive. It’s meant to be a good thing. The iPod is a “monster”; HDTV will be “monstrous” and, well, you get the drift!


  3. Paull Young says:


    I know that you meant ‘monster’ to be a good thing above.

    I’m just not so sure that it’s the best goal for PR, and especially with social media.

    Instead of trying to be a monster – just spend some time getting involved in conversations you enjoy, and try to make some meaningful relationships.

    The rest will come down the track…

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