Radar 10am One Thing: Dogecoin

The following is this week’s 10am One Thing that I wrote for the DDB blog.

This week’s One Thing feels like a best of of all the previous One Things: A meme. A hub of internet activity and activism. A crypto currency. A much loved piece of popular culture. And fundraising.

Lovers of the Doge meme (herehere and here) had formed their own community on Reddit and their own crypto-currency, DogeCoin (XDG) – similar to BitCoin. 1,000,000 Dogecoin is the equivalent to about $2,000 CADD. This week the Dogecoin-redditors decided to get behind the Jamaican Bobsleigh team and raise money, in Dogecoin of course, to send them to the upcoming Sochi Olympics. The campaign was going swimmingly and had raised a good portion of the $40,000 needed but then, in a cruel twist of fate, the burgeoning interest in the alternative crypto currency caused the exchange to swing 50% and severely depleted the funds.

Thankfully, at time of press, it look like $25,000 had been raised and the Jamaican 2man bob has qualified…so we are anxiously awaiting the sequel to Cool Runnings, due out in 2019, thanks to the most unlikely of bedfellows.

Dogecoin on Reddit


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