The Ongoing Transparency Trend

A couple of weeks back, I had a brief email chat with Susan Krashinsky at The Globe and Mail about transparency in general for her piece on the QSR industry. Here’s what we talked about:

We’ve seen more and more famous figures (e.g. Obama) taking to Reddit for AMAs. Why is transparency, lifting the veil on companies, and appearing to have a more direct connection such an important trend right now?

As people, we are relentlessly curious and crave answers from brands as we would from our own friends, families and colleagues.The new mindset is that “if you’re not telling me what I want to know, you have something to hide”. On the other side of things, companies that are acting in a modern, human way and who are being transparent are being rewarded for with consumers’ time, attention and more importantly trust.

What does it say for the changing media landscape, that more and more marketers are looking to direct channels to connect with their customers? Certainly paid media is not going away entirely, but it does seem the old model is changing.

As marketers, we have a lot of new arrows in our quills, now we must learn how to use them properly and effectively – both separately and together. Modern brands are now taking full advantage of four types of media: paid, owned, earned and shared (3rd party sites where companies participate such as reddit or Facebook). The trick is not blindly getting involved in all of these but in knowing what media can do which jobs in solving a business problem. 


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