Wisdom of Terry Crews

As part of the launch of a new, interactive Old Spice video, Terry Crews was wooing the people of Reddit through an “AMA” (ask me anything). Despite being the pitchman for Old Spice and having a movie in theatres he did not try to promote either, unless he was asked about it. This unselfish approach won over Reddit and led to a new meme – nice guy Terry Crews (in the vein of “nice guy greg”).

All this aside, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the AMA and wanted to share some of the best pieces of wisdom from Terry Crews.

On the worst job he had:

I was in college and my job was pounding in signs around campus. My boss was lazy and i did all the work. Then HE called ME lazy. I got mad and quit. You know what I learned? I never should have quit. I should have pounded more signs. I should have been the best sign pounder in the world. But I let one guys wrong opinion of me fake me out of my money. And I needed it. I almost starve. Pride is an ugly thing that must be killed at the very sight of it.

On being a celebrity:

I remember shaking every hand and taking every picture, then seeing my wife and kids sad because I was out with them, but spent no time with them. I had to set boundaries. I love being famous and all the fans, but my wife and kids need Terry the husband, Terry the Dad. Terry the Star has no place at home.

On auditioning:

I LOVE too audition. because if they hire you, it means they wanted you. Everybody wants to be wanted.

On turning a perceived weakness into a strength:

What others think is a hindrance to Hollywood has ALWAYS become someone’s calling card. Barbara Streisand nose, Sly’s Slur, Arnold’s accent — it’s all about how you see yourself. I know there is only one ME. If you hire me- you GET ME. And there’s only one. There will never be another

On steroids and acceptance:

Never used them. I empathize with those who want to be strong but there are no shortcuts. People take steroids because they BELIEVE they have no other way. Steroids are about comparing yourself to other people– but if you just become the best YOU, you’ll find you never needed them.

Finally, that new video from Old Spice and W+K:

Thanks to Parker for the run down.


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