Subaru BRZ – Scorching Downtown Toronto

From my friends at Subaru Canada and our crack PR team (@prmediumrare) comes this fabulous installation in the heart of downtown Toronto. The BRZ campaign is one that’s near and dear to my heart – I’m very impressed at this latest extension of the team’s “scorched” idea.

Building on the popularity of its sizzling-hot “scorched” video, Subaru Canada extended the launch of its new purebred sports coupe, the BRZ, this past weekend, August 25/26.  Subaru took to the streets of downtown Toronto to bring its ‘scorched’ theme to life with a month-long art installation guaranteed to turn heads.

Located on the busy intersection of Queen Street and McCaul Street, a lone BRZ is showcased inside a retail space that has been completely transformed into a charred, blistering-hot art installation. The premise: the BRZ is such a hot car that it scorches everything in its path.  Adding to the eye-popping realism, various street props have been singed, including a fire hydrant, bench and a newspaper box provided by The Grid.

The Subaru BRZ “scorched” installation will be live until Sunday, September 16.  Those interested can step inside the installation and interact with the BRZ on September 1-2, 7-9, and 15.

Media In Canada posted on this as well.


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