Subaru BRZ – Scorched

A few months ago we were briefed on a hot new Subaru product – the BRZ. Subaru’s first RWD vehicle was being lusted after in every way imaginable by gearheads and “scoobies” (Subaru fans). The car, which is in limited supply, would sell itself so we were asked to create a communications campaign that built the brand, through the product – something that smart people like the Ad Contrarian advocate.

At the centre is a simple idea – the Subaru BRZ is designed to ignite. It is so hot, it scorches everything around it – but bringing that idea to life in the media mix (experiential, online, print) ain’t so easy. After we did some digging into the social conversation around the car, we saw a pent up demand. Not just for the product but for news, for pictures, for running footage. Anything.

So we gave the fans exactly what they wanted. Car porn. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

We also invited some of our blogger friends down to the shoot and give them a sneak peak of the car and a behind the scenes of the campaign. Thankfully, they became our biggest advocates.

One Response to Subaru BRZ – Scorched

  1. […] PR team (@prmediumrare) comes this fabulous installation in the heart of downtown Toronto. The BRZ campaign is one that’s near and dear to my heart – I’m very impressed at this latest extension of the team’s […]

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