My Seth Godin Moment

Just got back from a really relaxing weekend in Huntsville, staying with my girlfriend’s cousins, not checking my email or any blogs, websites or podcasts (I did cheat a little bit though when I sunned myself on the dock listening to FIR).

I did do a little bit of work though.

We were handing out water to the runners during the Muskoka Woods Triathlon Series, sponsored by Subaru and I had a bit of a Seth Godin marketing business metaphors from real life moment.

At first I wasn’t too sure how exactly to hand out the water (it was very technical!) and was being a little lackadaisical, but then I really looked at the runners who were toiling through the water station, in 30 degree weather and had my moment!

No matter what you’re doing, no matter how insignificant you think your job is, someone, somewhere is depending on you, so you better do the best job you can do. 

I thought I’d share this little tidbit as well as the view from Lion’s Lookout while I get writing on a new post that looks at the forgotten child of the social media revolution.

Lion's Lookout

Oh, and I also wanted to say this:  Blogging Me Blogging You is almost a month old (only 17 to go before I become an “authority”) and wanted to get some feedback from you on it. 

What do you think?  Are the posts too long?  Not enough analysis?  Want more case studies?

Email me at and let me know.

And I hope the people who came to Blogging Me Blogging You looking for “free downloads of steven gerrard funny” and “nacho libre soundtrack torrent bit” enjoyed what they read and are coming back! 


2 Responses to My Seth Godin Moment

  1. seth godin says:

    Yes, I spent the best summers of my life in Algonquin Park. Many a day off in Huntsville, too!

    so you had two moments!

  2. Chris Clarke says:

    Nice. If you ever notice a long period of time in between my posts, you can bet I’m off doing something that restricts me from blogging/checking email/staying connected. It’s nice when you can’t get to a computer – you find yourself with a lot of free time!

    And I enjoy checking my stats to see someone stumble upon my page from a google search completely unrelated to the site’s content. Too much fun.

    And don’t change the posts, just get yourself an original WP theme.

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