10 questions for every business

Planning for 2010 is still going strong here at com.motion world HQ and we are asking ourselves some hard questions. Questions like those Forbes poses to its readers:

  • What is our purpose for existing?
  • Who is our target customer?
  • Why does anyone need what we’re selling?
  • If there is a need, is it enough to support a profitable business?
  • What were our competitors up to?
  • Can you reduce expenses–without harming the product?
  • Do we have the right leadership?
  • Do we have the right employees?
  • How will we continue to drive revenue?
  • How are your employees holding up?

No answers but some interesting insight from an entrepreneur who asked himself these questions.

One Response to 10 questions for every business

  1. Dave says:

    very interesting questions makes a real good point for an online business although some of those questions pertain to an online business too

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