A prediction (Updated with link)

Let me go out on a limb and predict that the video of John Cena body slamming Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline on RAW will be one of the most watched videos on YouTube tomorrow.

I may even post it here. Because who doesn’t love seeing a trumped up idiot get his comeuppance? Now if only he could get Paris Hilton as well…

Apropos of nothing check out this tune: Monster by Automatic. Fantastic new song from a great new band.

Disclosure: I worked on the announcement that The Score was the new host of RAW in Canada along with Mr. Jones.


*Updated Friday October 20*


I’ll put my hand up.  The K-Fed bodyslam videos on YouTube weren’t as popular as I would’ve liked, but I did find this awesome mash-up.

It’s a beautiful day!



One Response to A prediction (Updated with link)

  1. The Automatic headlined my Uni’s summer ball this year, and did a great job of it too.

    They were supported by the…Lightning Seeds.

    …who sang Three Lions, three times.

    Have you heard the new Killers album, Sam’s Town?

    It’s quite good.

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