Macklemore builds his story

January 29, 2014

At Tribal we’ve been talking a lot about our mission and vision this year. We’ve landed on a certain way that we believe brands should behave and, for me, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fit right into this mold. Not only are they bucking the trend of what it means to be a hip hop act – eschewing commercialism and homophobia – but they are continuously finding new ways to build a story, not just tell one.

This was abundantly clear last night at The Grammys and, while many brands were busy mistaking participation for relevance, they build a new chapter for the story that is the song, Same Love. Rather than simply perform the song, they lived the song. They married, as part of the performance, 33 same sex and traditional couples from all number of ethnic backgrounds. Yes it was a bit of a stunt but having listened to and followed the song for many months, I found it incredibly moving.

Say what you like about Macklemore, and people are, but he really is a modern brand.


The power of the post-launch

December 9, 2013

So much of our time is spent focusing on launching a campaign or on shipping a product. There’s a feeling that that moment is the zenith, the peak that we should we working towards and when its achieved, we can take a breath. Sadly, that is no longer the truth. The “set and forget” mindset is long behind us and it is great to see a huge, multi-billion dollar brand that not only gets that but that then uses the data it gets from its consumers to fuel its ongoing marketing. In this case. its the EA Sports football franchise, FIFA.

With all of the connected devices playing network games, or even just relaying statistics back to the mothership, EA Sports has a treasure trove of data that it can use to continue to market itself in smart, low cost ways – the definition of building marketing into the product.

Here are two examples:

First, FIFA has partnered with the football clubs around the world to showcase the goals of the week scored by the clubs’ fans on their game. Now you have football clubs with a social presence reaching into the 10s of millions promoting a video game. Here’s my club’s goals of the week:

And secondly here is FIFA using its data to cement its place in the cultural fabric of its potential consumers – football fans.

FIFA player data

There’s enough rich data in the infographic to start a conversation between any two (or more!) footy fans from different clubs, countries and cultures.

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