Music trends in advertising

April 24, 2014

Young female singers covering songs by older white men…and advertising agencies using them to make a strong emotional connection with “mom”.

Lilly Allen covers Keane’s “somewhere only we know” for John Lewis

Ellie Goulding covering Elton John’s “your song” (one of my favourite songs ever) for both John Lewis and Kraft Peanut Butter

Trend or observation?



Bear, Hare and John Lewis

November 13, 2013

Every year John Lewis outdoes itself with its Christmas advertising. Past tear jerkers are below, but this one is particularly great, thanks to a Lily Allen cover of an old Keane song and Disney animation…literally, animated by Disney. Lovely from my friends at Adam&Eve/DDB

Perhaps I’m drawn to it because I read the “Bear wants more” series to my little man!





And my favourite John Lewis work from 2010:

Vodafone’s The Kiss

April 9, 2013

The UK has always produced great advertising, especially what I would call brand-level work that is supposed to create an emotional connection with the consumer. I really enjoyed this piece from Vodafone and Grey but, while the line is powerful and does a great job bridging the story to the product, it feels as if this could be for almost any product or category – life insurance immediately came to mind, for some reason.

It is also strikingly similar to the John Lewis Christmas ad of a few years ago:

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