Life imitating art

May 6, 2014

Well, politics imitating art.

Kevin Spacey did it first

Julia Louis-Dreyfus did it again

Will Kerry Washington do it next year?


Radar 10am One Thing: Kevin Spacey’s MacTaggart Lecture

September 3, 2013

The following is this week’s 10am One Thing that I wrote for the DDB blog.

This week, renowned actor Kevin Spacey gave a keynote presentation at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. The highlights of the talk were three key truths for the media and advertising industries.

First, that data can guide creativity. When buying House of Cards, Netflix ran the data to show that its subscribers would watch political dramas, would watch a cerebral actor like Kevin Spacey and a challenging director like David Fincher. The data didn’t drive the creative, but it did help validate it.

Second, that consumers will flock to great content. Netflix releasing House of Cards, and subsequent series, in one go, 13 episodes at once, has changed the “appointment viewing” experience – no mean feat considering the potential spoilers available on Facebook and Twitter. Viewers binged hard on these addictive shows, dedicating days at a time to  ”crush” entire seasons. Perhaps our consumer has more of an attention span that we have given them credit for.

Finally, Spacey talked about how devices and content have been truly separated. Content and stories will be viewed on whatever device they want to…but that stories are key. Advertisers and advertising agencies must create great stories that demand the consumer’s attention, wherever that attention is directed.

Image credit: The Guardian.

The One Thing is a result of the daily 10am meetings held in the DDB Canada offices, where our digital teams meet to discuss new online trends, tools and technologies. 

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