I Like this Like Button

March 31, 2011

Nice implementation – although I’m always curious/sceptical of TV’s ability to convert GRPs into “like connections” on Facebook.

Facebook Like Button - England Ghanna

Facebook Like button pitchside at England v Ghana!.


Fifa World Cup Headlines

June 28, 2010

A lousy World Cup for my home country, England, but a great one for media watchers. Some of my favourite headlines from before during and after the tournament:

The Sun predicts an EASY group stage. With two draws and a solitary win, it was anything but.

England Algeria Slovenia Yanks

The New York Post gets carried away with itself:

Greatest Tie Against the Brittish Since Bunker Hill

…and then disenvoes any association with association football.

This sport is stupid anyway

The Mirror gives Fabio Capello some career advice:

The Mirror - Cap Off!

The Star led with the glorious “Fritz All Over”

The 20p Star - Fritz All Over

The Mirror led with the more cinematically themed “Rout of Africa”

The Mirror - Rout of Africa

The Sun didn’t waste any money on a fancy sub-editor, leading with the more straightforward and honest assessment “You Let Your Country Down”.

The Sun - You Let Your Country Down

Final three headlines via the Huffington Post, via @LarysaW. If anyone cares, I’m torn between Brazil and Argentina or Germany for the cup.

Brazil Bloggers’ Favourites to Win World Cup 2010

June 8, 2010

My friends at Sysomos continue to issue some very interesting research, including this piece of timely data surrounding World Cup conversations which they believe shows England will lift the trophy.

Volume of conversation – England dominate share of voice

Share of Voice

Sentiment – Brazil, Italy and Spain top of the pops

Sysomos World Cup Predictions

Sysomos World Cup Predictions 2

I have to disagree with the Sysomos team and their link between the research method, the data presented and the conclusions. If i’m reading this right, the data shows that more people have been complaining saying how bad the England team is, more often – not indicative of success

For me, this shows two things: that Brazil are the bloggers’ favourites – with the highest positive vs. negative sentiment gap – and England are most likely to disappoint. No surprises there.

What this might also speak to is the fragile psyche of the England supporter who is so used to the disappointment following a false dawn that he/she is simply getting in a pre-emptive strike and discounting the team’s chances following a lacklustre build-up campaign and many (many) injuries.

Who Will Win World Cup 2010? Bloggers Say England « Sysomos Blog.

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