World Cup 2014 – Best of the Best Ads

May 20, 2014

I love the World Cup. The best players in the world, the roar of the Three Lions, the heartache of England losing on penalties. The ads which can cross over into popular culture.

Nike shows a journey from footy in the park to the pinnacle of the world. One of the best things about world cup ads is that the boot manufacturers get to show off all their best sponsored athletes and we get to see them doing amazing skills.

Whereas adidas focuses on just one player, but what a player he is:

An inspiring, tear-jerking, emotionally charged piece of film brought to you by Powerade:

Samsung pays homage to one of the great series of Nike ads, “The Mission“:

ESPN makes Brazil look pretty tempting about now:

Whereas back in the UK, ITV plays on the emotions we footy fans face (well, all sports fans):



adidas boxing – ad or content or branded entertainment?

June 20, 2011

I really like this boxing work from adidas, shared via the curious brain, but it does raise some interesting questions (below).

I’m no boxer but I am a sports fan. I’m not sure if the boxers used are the biggest stars in the sport or if they are in an “everyday” boxing club. That said:

It seems too long to be an ad.

But there’s not enough “story” to be considered pure content.

And there’s probably not enough really in-depth information for the boxing afficianado – as a sports fan I’d be looking training tips, drills etc.

But it is beautifully shot by Romain Gavras and definitely follows the formula for sports advertising:

Violent sport + emotive music  = awesome. Always.

Facebook for your feet; Twitter for your toes

December 2, 2010

Not sure if these are even remotely real but they’re fun to look at – adidas originals meets your favourite social networks.



What do you think – real or fake? And if they’re real, would you buy them? With your Twitter name?

via – Facebook and Twitter arrive to adidas

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