AMA Toronto

This page was created exclusively for attendees to the AMA Toronto “Overcoming obstacles to social media marketing” session.

All links (even the one’s which didn’t make it into the presentation) are available on my delicious page under the tag “ama-toronto”.

Facebook | What do you want to advertise? – Use this to get hyper targeted audience numbers

YouTube – Advertiser vs Consumer – video used in presentation

Empowered – understand what people do online within social media

Empowered – understand what your audience does online within social media

Gartner’s 2010 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates Maturity of 1,800 Technologies – know what technologies are on the rise and which are on the wane

Why CEOs are scared of social media – some interesting thoughts

Why Executives HATE Social Media | The Deming Hill Blog – tips and tricks for dealing with executives

Who owns Social Media – a list of stakeholders you should consider in your planning


Thanks to Nick Burcher for some great out-of-market cases, Parker Mason for proofing and reviewing the deck, Jacky Hood for inviting me to speak at the event and you, for giving up your time to listen to me prattle on. All images are taken from Google Images.


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  1. […] clients need to pass through for a successful programme with full internal alignment – see my presentation to the AMA Toronto chapter on gaining alignment for more on this. Although as with all things, there is a need for balance – a time to surf […]

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