Going to work

Or to borrow a phrase from Heat,

Is the action the juice or is the juice the action?

When watching sports these days, its common to hear a commentator talk about one of the players “doing their work” and it got me thinking. When we see athletes performing at an elite level, this isn’t work in the sense you or I would understand it.

When we see athletes, it’s their job, but it’s not their work. It’s their evaluation. How they’ll be remembered. Stacked up against their peers. Given raises or contracts. Traded or cut.

The work is being done far away from prying eyes. In the gym. In the weights room. In front of their laptop, watching film. Only the athlete knows if they’ve done the work and they’re about to find out if they’ve done the right work.

The same can be said of agencies. Meetings, presentations and pitches are the evaluation. If you’ve put in the work, the right work, there’s nothing to worry about.

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