Uncle Drew 3


uncle drew

The latest chapter in the Uncle Drew /Pepsi Max story hit today – ever since I saw the teaser last week, I’ve been anxiously and eagerly awaiting it!

We’ve covered Uncle Drew before – as a wonderful expression of a simple idea through long-form story telling.

PepsiMax is a regular cola in disguise.

So the genius in chapters one and two was the twist – the old guy struggling to keep up with the “young bloods” was actually one of the top five active NBA players, in disguise. Now, I’ve got to believe that every person interested in seeing the film, has seen it – there are probably 60mm views of all the chapters and the rip-downs/re-uploads. So if I’m told that a “basketball documentary” is being filmed and an old dude shows up and wants to play…I should have an inkling of what’s about to happen. Will I still be able to have the same reaction that observers had in the first chapter and that made the story so effective – we know Uncle Drew is in disguise but the spectators and competition doesn’t. It is real and authentic. So does this genius of an idea still come through? Does the twist still hold some magic? Can this hold true for at least two more chapters – the “team” Uncle Drew is putting back together has to have at least five players?

I don’t know about you but I’ve got to admit, (spoiler alert) having a WNBA star was a really nice twist and the anticipation of trying to guess who the next NBA star will be is enough to get me through to the next one!

See you soon, Uncle Drew.


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