Breaking Bad: In Memoriam

Was Breaking Bad my favourite TV show ever? No, that honour in my heart belongs to The Wire, something that’s been covered here extensively, but Breaking Bad is near the top of the list. No matter what your, or my feelings are, Breaking Bad is a hell of a TV show and I really enjoyed this “In Memoriam” clip, compiled by the guys over at Grantland who are doing an amazing job merging sport with pop culture, the written word with multimedia (video and ESPN podcasts). Spoilers. d’uh.

My list of top TV, for what its worth, looks something like this:

The Wire

Breaking Bad


Faulty Towers

The Thick Of It

No Sopranos, no Mad Men, no BSG, no GoT – although that one may well make it in there as long as it keeps up its pacing and production.

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