Radar 10am One Thing: IKEA AR

The following is this week’s 10am One Thing that I wrote for the DDB blog.

30 Rock made fun of the arguments that trips to Ikea invariably lead to for couples and families. Presumably the two most common arguments are “will this look good in our home?” closely followed by “will it fit where we want it to?” To solve this, IKEA UK has launched an augmented reality (AR) extension of its print catalogue so shoppers can answer exactly those two questions in the comfort of their own home. You simply download the app, scan a page and then see how one of 90 products will look in your home, through the magic of AR. A truly functional app that solves a true human problem.

But we chose this as our One Thing not for the functional benefits  but because of the emotive, fun way that IKEA UK is promoting the app, through this video that shows a family using the app and having great fun hamming it up for the camera.

IKEA’s augmented reality catalogue.

The One Thing is a result of the daily 10am meetings held in the DDB Canada offices, where our digital teams meet to discuss new online trends, tools and technologies. 

For an archive of the 10am links, visit our Pinterest board.

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