Kol Kid Toronto

When our son was 18months we noticed that lots of his toys were press-button toys and that he didn’t have anything overly tactile to enhance his fine motor skills. He was spending a lot of time with modern plastic toys or on our own technology – phones, tablets etc. We found some great toys that quickly remedied this and moved on but at the time were worried about this – I had joked that we should only buy him the wooden toys but that didn’t work out!

I was reminded of this when I saw some of our latest work at Tribal Toronto for the toy store Kol Kid – for all you Torontonians, that’s at Queen and Tecumseth.

The philosophy behind Kol Kid is that toy’s shouldn’t do all the playing for you – that kids need to get back to simple play that doesn’t involved modern, digital technology. One of our writers was so moved by this that she began a labour of love to turn this philosophy into a creative execution to hopefully spread the message far and wide through three short films illustrating the negative effect of how our children play.

This one is everyone’s favourite…the kid’s face just makes it!

I got a kick out of remembering how terrified our son was of his own jack-in-a-box

And which parent wouldn’t be terrified of this happening?

The team also produced a simple microsite that serves up one idea of something you can do with your kids without technology, to (re)inspire the simple virtue of play. You can check it out at PlayEngine.ca.

If this approach to play appeals to you, please share the videos and website far and wide!


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