Are Experiments the New Campaigns?

There’s no quantitative research that I’ve done for this but I can’t shake the feeling that almost every interesting campaign I’ve seen, especially out of Scandewegia, has been positioned as a social experiment. The quality of the work and the insights into human behaviour aren’t discounted by any stretch (see below for a wonderful example) but wondering if calling something an “experiment” does something magical in the eyes of the client? Is a product push a campaign but a pure brand-building initiative is an experiment? Is there any more or less accountability to the work? I’m not sure.

This experiment and resulting TV spot, courtesy of Edward Boches, by Forsman and Bodenfors for Maingate.

The experiment:

A TV spot from the experiment:

As a side note, I love the “experiment’s” framework of collecting data, tips and suggestions from “the crowd” and then finding fun and interesting ways to show that back to the population at large. It is a great example of how to use social media in a participatory, useful and entertaining way – a lot like we did with the Christmas Spirit Tree and McDonald’s Our Food. Your Questions.


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