When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

A few days ago, I read the Digiday article about Oreo’s social media agency, 360i, putting 13 people on the credits for that tweet in an awards entry.

…and I posted, via Buffer:

Then I read what Faris had to say

…and I instantly regretted being such a smart ass. Whoops.

The truth is, while getting on the credits isn’t a big deal for me personally, I get incredibly annoyed when I see my team left off the credits for any project they worked on. So I’m glad that 360i put as many people as they could on the credits – especially the community managers. They probably should’ve put more on there.

I’m starting to think of social media creative as more like print ads where you have to have one singular thought or message expressed with a compelling line of copy and an arresting, complementary image – I even have the half-formed Pinterest board to prove it – so why not put as many people on the credits for a social media post as you would for a print ad? Is one better or worse than the other? Take more or less time? Demand more or less creativity?

Congratulations to all 13 who made it, and to all those who did not.

Oreo Clio Winners



One Response to When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

  1. Barbara Laidlaw says:

    Classy post Ed.

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