Radar DDB 10am One Thing: Feedie

The following is this week’s 10am One Thing which I wrote for the DDBlog

Tribal Worldwide Feedie App for The Lunnchbox Fund

65% of Americans eat out once a week, taking millions of photos of their meals. What if, instead of sharing pictures of their food, diners could share meals with the 65% of South African children living below the poverty line? It was this mission that led The Lunchbox Fund to launch its Feedie app with the support of Tribal New York.

Feedie is a photosharing app that is optimised for sharing food pictures, thanks to filters such as “toasty”, “leafy” or “seared”. When a photo is shared on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, it is branded for The Lunchbox Fund and, more importantly, the restaurant it was taken in. For each share of a meal from its tables, the restaurant donates one meal to The Lunchbox Fund so that South African children can have the energy to work towards an education and pulling themselves, and their families, above the poverty line.

The initiative launched in New York this week and has garnered the support of prominent foodies, celebrities and restaurants. We hope to see this in Canada, and around the world, very soon!

Find out more and for our New York based readers, download this at We The Feedies.

The One Thing is a result of the daily 10am meetings held in the DDB Canada offices, where our digital teams meet to discuss new online trends, tools and technologies. 

For an archive of the 10am links, visit our Pinterest board.

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