Remaking Classic Ads with Social Media Add-ons

Integrating social media into the traditional advertising industry has not been without it challenges but for the main, it has been embraced enthusiastically…sometimes too enthusiastically. The abandoned or mis-used brand-profiles on social media are legion because not every campaign has to have its own social media extension. On Business Insider, Irish creative Eoin Conlon reimagines classic ads, with social media addd-ons.

The smartest uses of social media either build campaigns around their lovers and advocates or integrate the existing “shared” presences for brands and organisations and use them to amplify the campaign creative through their fans – the easiest way for campaigns to build huge reach is to have built up that reach, over time, before you need it. But even them, some communications are so pure and powerful that you don’t need to mess with them – although the hash tag on this encouraging people the #ThinkSmall would have made a lot of sense!




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