OMD – Oh My Disney

After rapid expansion into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other social media, I’m definitely sensing a trend for brands, and especially media companies, to retrench by trying to own their own words online. We saw Coke’s refocus of onto content, content, content and Red Bull’s repositioning as a media company that happens to sell a soft drink. Closer to home, and my heart, the success of the McDonald’s Our Food. Your Questions. campaign was based around being able to create compelling interesting content that could be shared everywhere, not just on Facebook.

The latest company to roll out its own owned social media platform is Disney which has created a Buzzfeed-esque blog called Oh My Disney. Full of eminently sharable lists (flirting tips from the Little Mermaid’s Sebastian), gifs (not just gifs, sneezing gifs) and quotes…like the below from one of my favourite books and movies, Winnie the Pooh!

Winnie the Pooh

Check out the blog – a must for those with kids or even those who are still big kids at heart.


3 Responses to OMD – Oh My Disney

  1. macipoulin says:

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  2. Sheri Morgan says:

    I love this blog, thanks so much for sharing! What a clever way to remind people of the many many movies in the Disney family, and get you to watch old ones you may have forgotten. Very cool!

  3. […] For those who don’t know, Buzzfeed is a social and viral content website.  This type of website using “lists” of memes, GIFs, and other visually-stimulating/emotion-stirring photos to express the content of each post is becoming quite popular these days, and even businesses are beginning to make use of this trend to promote their brands (Tribal DDB‘s Ed Lee talks about Disney‘s take on this here). […]

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