You Probably Shouldn’t Watch It on the Sleigh

A few weeks ago, I discussed my favourite ads of the year with Globe and Mail reporter, Susan Krashinsky. On Friday a compilation from industry luminaries was published and today, the ad I nominated, Samsung’s “You Probably Shouldn’t Watch It on the Plane” got its own follow-up/self-parody/holiday version.

Here’s what the Globe and Mail said about its predecessor:

‘Work Trip’

 Advertiser: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Ad agency: 72andSunny

Chosen by: Ed Lee, Director of social media, TribalDDB Toronto

For years, Apple Inc. has gotten away with taking shots at its competitors while declaring its own products magical. Recently, Samsung has made waves with funny, smart advertising and a campaign declaring, “The next big thing is already here,” deriding Apple fans as the kind of mindless followers Apple once mocked in its iconic 1984 Super Bowl ad. But of all of the ads that make up Samsung’s campaign for the release of its Galaxy S III smartphone, Mr. Lee’s favourite is an unassuming 30-second spot that showcases a feature that allows for file sharing by tapping phones together. A father leaving on a business trip is given a video from his daughters to watch on the plane, and another from his wife – not for public consumption.

“As the smartphone market continues to explode, it becomes harder and harder for products to stand out from the crowd. So many products focus on the new features but fail to convey the real benefits of those features to users,” Mr. Lee said. “That’s why my favourite ad of the year comes from Samsung for the S III, illustrating how the ‘phone bump’ file transfer can make the busy business traveller’s life more enjoyable; with a twist at the end that had me laughing, sharing, and considering a Samsung S III. A very charming and surprising spot that as a side benefit may save the world from exorbitant Internet charges at hotels.”


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