Shared Media Should Be Added to Paradigm of Paid, Earned and Owned Media

Paid, Owned and Earned Media have definitely entered the marketing lexicon – indeed, one of my clients last year was very focused on maximising both the reach of their owned properties and the way in which owned properties were put to use.

But there is another term that should be inserted into this lexicon – Shared Media.

Shared media represents platforms where brands can create their own presences and interact with consumers but where they are beholden to the true owners – the platform on which they create their presences. Confusing? Perhaps. But a very true reflection of the world we live in where there are “terms of use” from the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr etc) that govern how we, as marketers can leverage their functionality and their audience.

For instance, last week we logged onto a brand’s Facebook page that we manage to find that the Timeline cover image had been disabled for contravening these terms of use. Totally fair enough for Facebook but proof positive that we do not own the spaces in which our client’s brands invest serious dollars in both media and creative. We’re renting from the platforms and sharing with the other users.

We own the content, not the distribution.

One Response to Shared Media Should Be Added to Paradigm of Paid, Earned and Owned Media

  1. David Jones says:

    Definitely an operational consideration we have to keep in mind. I’ve heard of “shared” used in the owned/earned/paid media construct over the years, but never in this particular way. It was always meant to mean “shareable”, as in content designed to be passed along.

    Semantics aside, I really think there needs to be a distinction for this new reality of creating content on social platforms that you don’t truly own. It’s an important discussion to have.

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