Radar DDB 10am One Thing: The Useless Web

Here is my contribution to the ongoing Radar DDB 10am One Thing – a once a week meeting where we surface up all the cool stuff on the web and discuss as a bit (or small) team before sharing with about 6,000 friends, colleagues, media, clients, vendors, partners and prospects.


We’ve covered the trends of curation and of single serve, or single use, web services so we were amazed and appalled to find these two trends combined in the form of a new site called “The Useless Web”. This single use site acts as a curation of all the other seemingly pointless yet mind-numbingly addictive other websites that are out there.

As you head into the weekend, you too may have some time to discover, as we did, useless websites such as “Koalas to the Max“, the “Republique des mangues” or the ironically named, epilepsy-inducing, “staggering beauty“. The Useless Web shows that even though a website may be useless, someone will find a use for it and reminds us to think clearly and concisely about what our clients’ role in the useful web should be – lest they end up on The Useless Web.

The One Thing is a result of the daily 10am meetings held in the DDB Canada offices, where our digital teams meet to discuss new online trends, tools and technologies. This week’s winning submission, came from Melissa Smich.

For an archive of the 10am links, visit our Delicious account and Pinterest board. Follow Radar on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RadarDDB


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