Tribal DDB – Digital Agency of the Year, 2012

In February of 2010, I joined a digital shop with a great reputation and grand vision. Last night, when Tribal DDB Canada was named Strategy Magazine’s Digital Agency of the Year, we felt that we had gone a huge part of the way to achieve that vision. Looking on as a spectator with our creative director last year when our agency didn’t make the short list was an awful feeling and I’m sure it worked to galvanise the whole team, pushing us to work harder, longer and smarter – resulting in some amazing work from the last 12 months. What really made our night though, was being able to share the stage with our colleagues at DDB Canada as Agency of the Year.

Tribal DDB Canada Digital Agency of the Year

As we take a moment (just a short one) to celebrate this win, I’d like to say how proud I am to work at Tribal DDB. How grateful I am to work with colleagues who are smart, nice and fun. But also how humbled I am to see the great work that our industry produces, and finally, how excited I am to see where we go next. Wherever we’re going, we’ll have the company of our brave clients, wonderful partner agencies and fantastic vendors.

Now, onto the next brief.


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