The Post-Social Movement Continues

Via Noah and AllThingsD comes this Forrester research nugget:

“Despite the fact that they always have connected devices and are always online, they don’t really realize they’re online,” said Forrester analyst Gina Sverdlov. “They’re using Google Maps or checking in on Facebook, but that’s not considered online because it has become such a part of everyday life.”

This is part of my post-social proposition from a year or so ago. As social media becomes more and more pervasive, we stop thinking of it as a new and special thing and just part of our new reality. It’s clear from the quote above that that is absolutely happening and I’ve got to believe that this phenomenon will continue apace. I’ve given and been asked to give a few presentations on this topic of what post-social is and what it means for marketers – more on this in a later blog post.

For what its worth, I would not be able to accurately gauge how much time I spend either online or on social media. My phone is always on. I get push notifications from both Twitter and Facebook so it could be fair to say that I am always online. Always connected. Always connected to social media. Post-social indeed.

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