Evolving Social Media Platforms

Here’s a really interesting article on Digiday looking at what prominent corporate social media leads are looking at as the next big thing in social.

All the usual suspects are there, along with some I haven’t tried or even heard of: Path, Fancy, Pinterest, Socialcam, social TV, Ness, Feed.ly, Flipboard and Rebel Mouse.

Years and years ago, when social media was still in its nascency, my view on communities was “join then build” – brands should find the communities most relevant to them, join them, add value, build social cache and then look to start their own communities. Then social networking happened and we all know what happend with that gold rush to get brands into the hot network du jour. But building a brand presence within  MySpace, Facebook or Twitter is not really building your own community – essentially you’re still sharing or renting the space.

As the number of social media sites we use proliferates it will be harder and harder to find the shared properties for our clients to join so…why not start to build or own?

We’ve joined all we can; its time to build our own.


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