Premium Brand Experiences from Louis Vuitton

This has been cross-posted from the DDB Canada Blog


Quatrefoils, flowers and the distinctive “LV” monogram shot the Louis Vuitton brand to worldwide acclaim, but it was shots of the distinctive handbags, suitcases and other leather goods products being used by celebrities that truly lifted the brand to aspirational heights.  Recognizing the value of this, the Louis Vuitton has started to amplify the celebrity love with high-quality paid media projects.

Most recently, we enjoyed this Michael Phelps online execution starring the most decorated Olympian of all time narrating his hopes and dreams for the planet while the user can immerse themselves in a 360 degree underwater experience. The campaign’s theme is  ’Core Values’ and its mantra is in keeping with the brand’s mission: the best journeys are those that are shared.

The Core Values campaign also had the artist Yasiin Bey (better known to hip hop fans as Mos Def) performing an intensely charismatic modern interpretation of Mohammed Ali, using the boxer’s most famous quotes while a calligrapher writes out the word “dream” on the canvas mat of a boxing ring in lush, fluid strokes. It’s a beautiful combination of spoken word and brush work combining to celebrate “The Greatest

Lastly, if you’ve been inspired to invest in a Louis Vuitton product, this more functional but equally engaging “Art of Packing” demo will ensure you always travel in unruffled style.

As an aside, Parker told me that the camera work for The Greatest was done by our friend Claudio Mannini.


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