Thanks to our brave clients

According to my LinkedIn wordpress plugin, its been 252 days since my last blog post. Trying to find a balance between work, family, ed and the blog has meant that I’ve rather neglected this blog but have kept myself busy by participating in and writing for the Radar DDB 10am One Thing email we send to clients, by presenting at some really great conferences (DX3 Canada and SXSWi), by judging the inaugural Strategy Digital Agency of the Year awards (congratulations to my Omnicom colleagues at proximity) and by talking to the media about twitterpinterest…and whatever else a journalist needs an uninformed opinion on!

Its been a whirlwind year as Tribal DDB Toronto has undergone extreme and transformative growth. We’ve won assignments on Lipton (US), Johnson & Johnson (and a mystery client to be declared later) while also winning two of the biggest Digital AOR RFPs in the Canadian market last year – McDonald’s Canada and Canadian Tire. As I recently tweeted, we’ve produced work in almost every marketing discipline and media channel in the past year.

In lieu of posting here for the last 252 days, I wanted to share some examples and cases of what the team has been working on, on behalf of our brave clients who approve and fund everything we do.

Here’s one of the first pieces for Canadian Tire that you have hopefully seen – a Christmas Tree powered by Canadian Christmas Spirit as determined by social sentiment. Its certainly one of the best and most intriguing uses of social media that I’ve seen. Enjoy our copywriter Ryan’s hard work in producing a case study in the style of a Christmas carol:

For McDonald’s Canada we’ve been hard at work on a campaign called “Our Food. Your Questions” which seeks to answer Canadians’ questions about McDonald’s food quality. Its been a huge undertaking as we’ve answered consumer questions in close to real time using a voice and tone that is very human and, where appropriate, very funny. We’ve also been creating image answers for frequently asked questions and for those huge myths that we wanted to dispel, have produced quite a few video answers, two of which (below) have been smash hits with 6.7mm and 1.7mm views respectively…with no media support.

This is an oldie but one of the pieces I’m proudest to have worked on at DDB is the 2011 Subaru WRX launch which contributed to a lift in sales of an incredible 126%, year over year. Not only did the social media team work on the campaign insight and strategy, we also got to concept and produce this awesome video. We strapped four HD cams to Pat Richard’s WRX in the Rally of the Tall Pines and then spliced the footage together. Not content with that, we painstakingly hacked YouTube’s annotations to provide the consumer with the ability to switch camera angles, in real time. This little trick maxed out the number of possible YouTube annotations (448 seconds x 3 links per second = 1,344 links) which was interesting to find out.

I’ve also been working very closely with our friends at Manulife Financial to help build their comfort level around social media. As a financial institution there’s a lot they can and can’t say but we’ve worked extremely collaboratively to define both a visual style and tone for them on Facebook that is really resonating with their target audiences – I’m looking forward to this relationship continuing.

You can take a look at all the work we’re most proud of on our newish website – Tribal DDB Toronto.


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