Internet Trends 2011 from Mary Meeker

Every year Mary Meeker, a former ibanker turned VC, presents her Internet trends at the Web 2 conference. It’s something I look forward to every year – for the insights as much as the sport of seeing just how much data she can cram into her ever expanding number of slides – and something I believe should be required reading for everyone working in and around digital and/or social media.

Here is this year’s edition:

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And her key trends are:

  1. Globality: we aren’t in Kansas anymore
  2. Mobile: early innings growth, still
  3. User interface: text -> graphical -> touch/sound/move
  4. Commerce: Fast/Easy/Fun/Savings = more important than ever…
  5. Advertising: lookin’ good (phew!)
  6. Content creation: changed forever
  7. Technology/Mobile leadership – Americans should be proud
  8. Mega-trend of 21st Century = empowerment of people via connected mobile devices
  9. Authentic identity: The good/bad/ugly. But mostly good?
  10. Economy: lots of uncertainty
  11. USA inc: pay attention!

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