Facebook’s Changes Now an Internet Meme

Facebook made some changes yesterday which resulted in the following cartoons being shared ad nauseum on Facebook. In a week, these will be forgotten which leads me into some other thoughts I’ve been having around how Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook particularly have made social sharing so easy to do that there is almost zero friction when it comes to spreading information. The result is that memes are created and killed in rapid time. Rickrolling lasted for a year or more, but today’s memes are, well, today’s memes. There’s a new one tomorrow.

Yo dawg, Facebook

someecards Facebook


3 Responses to Facebook’s Changes Now an Internet Meme

  1. While I agree with most of your post, both the Xzibit (sp?) and SomeECard comments on the Facebook changes are not necessarily part of a ‘meme’, but rather memes commenting on a current event.
    In the case of Xzibit, this meme has been around for years and continues to come up time and time again. Some memes have short lives, but the “Yo Dawg” one has staying power.

    SomeECards are also not necessarily memes but rather a communications channel.

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