Creating Original Content

According to eMarketer, online video advertising will rise 40% this year but the real opportunity is in creating real, branded original content – in telling stories.

I’ve said before that the marketing department will eventually create or consume a publishing department – for just this purpose. At this year’s mesh conference, we noticed an interesting tension – media companies are really trying hard to keep their content behind paywalls and protect it from pirating while brands and their advertising agencies are looking to have their work pirated! Obviously its not enough to just create content, there are some key attributes to the sort of content you want to create.

Propagation Planning Network Diagram

Which is why I like the direction from the CFL (Canadian Football League) in creating this mini documentary on one young prospect’s “Road to the Show”. I just spent about 20minutes with a brand that I don’t usually spend too much time with. Because of that, I’m going to be watching out for John Surla this season – and may watch one or two more games as a result.

You can see how John Surla’s journey ends here.


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