Listening Audits

Years ago (three to be precise), I blogged about the opportunity social media gave us to move above the four p’s of marketing and into the space above that, the market identification and business strategy space. I still believe strongly in this, and the reason is social listening, manifesting itself in listening audits. More and more marketers, particularly social media marketers are  getting very excited at the promise of listening audits – what they could uncover, the insight they can give us, the influencers and communities they can unveil. But sometimes you see, well, what you thought you might see.

The real power of the audit is, when the opportunity presents itself, to really make the most of the three out of  chances. To hammer home the insight, the communities, the solution to the problem. Seven out of ten audits end with expected results, or at least stuff we could intuitively guess at. That’s not a problem and we will always be able to mine some nuggets out of every audit.

But when you’re mining for gems, or diamonds per the above, and you find them, don’t let that opportunity go to waste.


One Response to Listening Audits

  1. Nick Burcher says:

    I think the other point is that it is not easy! Language is constantly changing, context / cultural references can be missed or misunderstood by machines and sarcasm / irony etc is still a challenge (when Michael Jackson was Bad was he expressing positive or negative sentiment????) Filtering out the spam and random noise is also difficult.

    At the end of the day the skill of the analyst determines the usefulness of the Listening data (you can’t rely purely on machines) and your point about the difficulty of ignoring what you know / expect in order to uncover the nuggets is a good one!

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