The Presentation Post

If you’re one of the 32 38 people who subscribe to the Ed Lee SlideShare channel, you may have noticed that my presentation style has changed somewhat. I’m moving away from copy heavy slides to big images with one salient point. I’ve been finding that, for speaking gigs at social media conferences, it is a far more impactful (is that a word?) story telling device that allows for more self-expression through the choice of image.

Presenting, and selling through presentations, is such a key skill to agency life, it is so important to keep on practising and evolving your content and delivery style. When it comes to the big day, the important presentation, perfect planning prevents piss poor performance (as my old drill instructor use to yell at us).

That said, here are some nice reminders of what makes up a great presentation and in particularly how to use social media to optimise your presentations.

And, hopefully a reminder of how to eradicate cheesy clip art from your presentations.

More links:

The obligatory 50 point list of how to do deliver better presentations

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