Cindy Gallop’s 3 minute manifesto for the advertising industry

Great commentary for our time from Cindy Gallop:

To paraphrase Cindy:

Clients used to think advertising was like magic and were prepared to pay for the magic. Now clients not only know the secrets of advertising and think that, in many cases, they could do it better than agencies, but in certain cases they expect the agency to pay them.


Social Media is the same old basic human instincts, truths, dynamics, attitudes and desires, just with a whole new methodology.

Never a truer word was spoken.

As AdWeek editor Michael Wolff said:

Also shared as the best excuse I could think of to link to Texts from Last Night – simultaneously the most entertaining and depressing expose into humanity I’ve ever read (for three hours. Non stop. Interspersed with uproarious laughter).

Shrimp Taco


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