Inside the Twitter Advertising Dashboard

As I mentioned before, we’re delving into the world of Twitter advertising and exploring the new dashboards available to us. Here’s a deck of screen caps and assorted information about the platform. For me, the three best features are:

  1. Followers dashboard – gives you an incredible look into your followers based on location, gender, interests and follows. Incredibly valuable as a planning and measurement tool.
  2. Enhanced timeline – provides notes on the number of clicks, unfollows and reach as well as editorialising on the relative values of each. i.e. what content did better or worse for you, based on your history.
  3. Verified user – something about that little blue tick smacks of validation.

The benefits of advertising have been tremendous for our clients – more clicks, more reach, more mentions and more followers. As with all new forms of advertising introduced into a relatively benign space, the quality of this increase has yet to be determined but it feels as if the benefits are just as if they happened organically. My other two caveats are that the usefulness of Twitter as a sales and branding vehicle is unproven and secondly that it takes quite an effort to start to scale, i.e. to reach the sort of inventory that makes purchasing promoted tweets worthwhile.

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