Top 20 Facebook Pages – Then and Now

In 2009 I did a quick data pull to show the top 20 (or so) Facebook fan pages, as they were called back then. Today I found a list of the top Facebook brand pages and thought it would be interesting to show the comparison.

2009 2011
 Michael Jackson – 10.5m  Texas Hold ’em – 38.6m
 Vin Diesel – 7.2m  Facebook – 35.5m
 Barack Obama – 7m  Eminem – 30.4m
 Facebook  Lady Gaga – 30.2m
 Mafia Wars  Michael Jackson – 29.9m
 Texas hold ’em  YouTube – 28.5m
 Megan Fox  Rihanna – 27m
 Starbucks  Family Guy – 26.7m
 RIP Michael Jackson (we miss you)  Linkin Park – 24.4m
 1 ❤ sleep  Shakira – 23.4m
 Pizza  South Park – 23.4m
 Lady Gaga  Coca-cola – 23.1m
 Will Smith  Justin Bieber – 23.1m
 Twilight  The Simpsons – 22m
 Dr. House  Christiano Ronaldo – 21m
 I need a vacation  Megan Fox – 21m
 Coca-cola  Bob Marley – 21m
 I hate really slow computers  Lil Wayne – 21m
 YouTube  Vin Diesel – 21m
 I hate waking up during a good
dream and it won’t come back
 Katy Perry – 20.5m

So what?

  1. Facebook is no longer your college room-mate’s network. The pages that dominate are no longer simply whimsical fancies with clever names
  2. Facebook is scaling rapidly with 3x growth in the top page’s base
  3. This is your network for music and pop culture – albeit with a slightly subversive twist. Eminem, Linkin Park, South Park and Family Guy – not exactly family friendly
  4. When you look at the top 20 and see just one CPG brand (Coca-cola), you have to wonder how well brands are really adopting to this new space and achieving real scale and/or engagement. There may be a higher emotional connection to musicians and TV, but brands hold the dollars
  5. Justin Bieber is small fry on Facebook compared to Twitter!
  6. Vin Diesel has had an interesting fall from grace…but has a new movie coming out soon
  7. When Michael Jackson died, our Facebook rep told us that his Fan page would be the biggest of all time. It remains huge but a social game has overtaken it, along with a number of others
  8. Facebook exists outside of North America – hence the inclusion of Christiano Ronaldo, a footballer

2 Responses to Top 20 Facebook Pages – Then and Now

  1. Advergirling says:

    MJ is probably not number 1 because his popularity had diminished greatly over the last few years of his life. He was also very popular in the 80s and early 90s when most of the 20somethings that invade facebook, were still too young to enjoy his music.

  2. […] Top 20 Facebook Pages – Then and Now | @edlee – consumer behaviour tends to skew away from ‘pop’ music in its traditional sense […]

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