Dead End Digital

Digital marketing has long been about the click – from email to web, from banner to experience, from home to interior, from a share to the page. But many of the experiences being “sold” to consumers have been dead-ends. Social media can change that. With social, the click is just the start. What follows can be an immersive, persuasive and engaging experience where consumers can opt-in to get information relevant to their interests from brands who want to talk to them.

Does recognising this change, and working to fufill on it mean that traditional ROI tracking is dead? To paraphase Peter Drucker – the purpose of the company is to generate profit. So I’d say no. Ultimately, we are looking at driving sales for our clients, if not now, then later. I can’t prove to you (yet) that social activity equals more sales and that to increase sales, you need to spend in the social or online space – but as a marketer I intuitively believe that better relationships between brands and their consumers, leads to better business.


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