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Last week I was told that the current Blogging Me Blogging You logo looked like something from a “90’s IT vendor”. I’ve been asking people’s opinions and it looks like that is the general consensus. So I put out feelers on LinkedIn and Facebook and yes, lots of people agreed. So I’m looking for a new logo.

I’m not sure whether to engage a freelancer, crowdsource it on crowdspring or force myself on friends and colleagues.

At any rate, I was sent this draft logo from Blair Stackaruk who you can find on LinkedIn or Twitter.

edlee.ca logo mark iWhat do you think? Any aspiring freelance designers interested in trying their hands at rebranding edlee.ca?


5 Responses to edlee.ca logo

  1. I think there are too many fonts/font weights in that design. Plus the squares seem windows’esque.


  2. Dave Hong says:

    Hi Ed, been reading your blog for a while now. I’d be up to help you rebrand. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

  3. Jeremy K. says:

    Is that a joke? I hope you’re not in creative…

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