Recruiting in Social Media

Recruiting within the social media industry is one of the toughest and most rewarding part of my role. Tough because this is such a nascent discipline and it’s almost impossible to really compare apples to apples when reviewing candidates. Rewarding because there’s nothing like fighting for a hire and they go on to exceed your expectations.

When I’m looking I usually do three things:

  1. Ask for recommendations – my peers and mentors have great networks so I always try to tap into them first. It’s almost as if recommendations from people I trust  are the most effective in making an important decision. Sound familiar?!
  2. Look at my book – I’ve started to keep a black book of people I’d like to work with at various levels based on what I’ve seen from them online or from meeting them. I also get a number of unsolicited resumes sent to me which I keep and catalogue…just in case
  3. Cast a net – LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful recruitment tools so by dedicating some time to literally trawlling (trolling?) through people who follow others in the industry or by doing key-word searches on LinkedIn and again, trawling through the results it is quite possible to build a worthwhile list of candidates

I don’t think any of these are groundbreaking but good reminders to prelude the following two infographics (click for sources):

But it’s worth remembering that hiring is the easy part – the hard part is on-boarding, growing, mentoring and retaining the team.


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