Twitter and TV – the perfect match

One of the most interesting technologies I’ve come across recently is Bluefin Technologies, a service that maps your media buy across all (US-only for now) TV channels against the social media conversation around your brand. In essence, showing the reaction your TV commercial ellicits by network, channel and the content it is being advertised within.

We’ve known that both paid and earned mainstream media has a heavy influence on social media conversation for a while now – and that the immediacy of microblogging means users often turn to the medium when they’re doing something else…like watching TV.

Anecdotally, the top 3 things that people do while watching TV are eating, surfing the internet and…sleeping.

We’ve been shown the correlation between buzz on Twitter and box office takings (and in stock market growth) by some fairly big brains at MIT. In fact, promoted trends has become a standard tactic in new release’s marketing – so it was only a matter of time before TV started getting into the act.

Anyway, all this to say that news of Twitter’s heavy courting of TV networks is not all that unsurprising.

Foursquare is also trying to get into the TV game and I’m hoping my favourite niche network du jour, GetGlue, also acheives scale in TV-social media integration. TV and social media are almost perfect bedfellows so watch this space!

UPDATE – the Tribal DDB blog has some interesting thoughts on the future of watching TV.

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