A list of 17 things which prove I am an expert

  1. Guff
  2. Balderdash
  3. Logical fallacy
  4. Circular logic
  5. Misunderstood and/or tired argument
  6. Plagiarised content
  7. Quote from A-list blog outlet
  8. Link back to an old blog post
  9. Completely missed the point
  10. Cognitive dissonance
  11. Generic social media is changing the XYZ industry
  12. Pablum
  13. Forrester stats
  14. eMarketer graph
  15. Inappropriate graphic
  16. Space filler to bump up the size of the list
  17. Grammatically incorrect
  18. Extra bonus to double prove I am an expert

Lists have their use and place but are too often used to cement the author’s self-serving belief that they are an expert. No more lists to show off please.


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